Solar heating news

Solar power gives homes a boost of energy


Think we don’t get enough sun for solar power here in the frozen north? Think again. "Germany is one of the number one users of solar energy," says Kevin Moore, founder, owner and president of Midwest Wind and Solar in Merrillville. "They get five less solar hours than we do so I tell people who

Maine's energy forecast: Partly sunny, clouded by questions


OAKLAND — The mid-March sun had climbed well above the horizon by 9 a.m., but on this morning, it wasn't helping much. Thin clouds filtered the sunshine, the air temperature was 13 degrees, and a brutal, northwest wind was whipping snow across the road. Inside Mike Tabone's house, though, conditions were quite different. The Fujitsu

Off the grid and loving it: Retirees rely on renewable energy for Wolf Creek-area dream home

retirees off the grid

Up a winding road and miles back into the rolling hill country outside Wolf Creek, one just might discover the dream home of Kevin and Sharon Moore. Modest, compact and unplugged — it's just what the Moores envisioned for their retirement. They're delighted to watch the elk and deer that graze on their 52 acres

Surprise! Green energy surged despite cheap oil

green energy investment surging despite low oil prices

LONDON (CNNMoney) — Here is some good news about the environment: Investment into renewable energy surged in 2014, despite record low oil prices. The price of oil plunged nearly 50 percent since last summer, sparking fears green energy projects might be push aside. But a new study commissioned by the UN Environment Program shows companies