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Jones: Real estate and solar compatability

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In the Sunday magazine section of The Times Argus it was interesting to note that the editorial and the featured commentary were both about the siting of renewable energy generation. Taken together, they seem to point to the deep challenge Vermont faces in building a sustainable energy future. Before addressing that challenge as argued in

Dutch Companies Look to Heat Homes With Servers

Solar heating news

Tech startup Nerdalize teams up with energy company Eneco in a program to use cloud servers to heat residences while they run workloads. An energy company and a technology startup in the Netherlands are the latest companies to test whether housing servers in residences can help families reduce their heating costs as the systems run

Texas city opts for 100% renewable energy – to save cash, not the planet

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ews that a Texas city is to be powered by 100% renewable energy sparked surprise in an oil-obsessed, Republican-dominated state where fossil fuels are king and climate change activists were described as "the equivalent of the flat-earthers" by US senator and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. "I was called an Al Gore clone, a tree-hugger,"